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Kim Taylor - Western Lifestyle Photographer
Kim Taylor“The open prairies reflect my open heart. The high mountainous country resembles the heights of my dreams, visions and goals. The tall golden grass swaying in the fall breeze reminds me of how free I am to do what I love.”

Growing up in SW Saskatchewan instilled an appreciation for rugged and raw beauty that would unfold some years later in my life. With no conscious intention I have become a historian of documenting the keepers of our grasslands. Recording their way of life through the lens of my camera has become my way of life.

I have self -published for many years, a desk - top calendar, that is a photographic journey of cowboys and their co-existence with rangelands. Shooting mainly from the back of my horse I capture the moments of time as the cowboys do their work, especially those who hold the vaquero traditions close to their hearts. They are the ones that capture my heart.

It has been my contribution and honor to have images grace the pages of many western magazines and as a co –photographer for two coffee table books, The Palliser Triangle with John Garden and Documenting the 100 year celebration of the Western Stock Growers Association in 1996 with John McQuarrie. 

Kim Taylor currently resides in Bragg Creek, Alberta.

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